Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2012

News / Concert / Diströ

Just got a copy of the Moms On Meth 7" test press in and it sounds & looks killer! The whole pressing got delivered to Alex (Offside Records) place these days and i hope to have my copies soon.

The EP will feature seven brand new tracks of MOM's unique approach of playing smashing Powerviolence with angry, yet still beautiful, female vocals that will blow your minds! Definatly one of the highlight in all the stuff to come out of France in recent history.

The 7" is a co-release between Offside Records, Middle Class Zombie Attack", Up2 Eleven and BTR.

Check some pics and samples on the MOM site:

Following the release of their debut 7", MOM are going to tour Europe in July (check the tour dates on their site) and will make stop in Austria to play a gig in the much loved Mukuku in Kremsmünster. MOM will play with Among Rats (Death Metal/Grind) & Matando Güeros (Straight Edge Powerviolence), both from Austria. The gig will take place on the 12th of July and i'll be there with the distro.

Rvsp on Facebook under:

Speaking of the Mukuku in Kremsmünster. Been there along with the distro on saturday to witness another breath taking performance by the best HC/Punk band of Austria and BTR's own - Back Then. They played together with Nuclear Havoc and Zombiefied which were both cool. Pics of the gig are up on the BTR Facebook Page and there are also ones on the Mukuku Page. Mike flimed parts of the Back Then performance and put up a live vid on the Junk X flims Youtube Chanel (below).

Also ordered the covers & tapes for the European Press of the ((prmtv-ccmltn)) aka Primitive Accumulation - 8 Track Demo Tape today. The Euro Edition will come with a brand new different cover art/design, printed on heavy 170g paper with pro print on both sides, and on pro tapes (50 black, 25 smoky clear, 25 white) with logo stickers on them. Hoping to have everything together for this awesome release within two weeks!

MRR wrote in #345: "Think hardcore violence that reminds you of the voices you hear when you've stayed up for too many days. It's violent in the way SCAPEGOAT makes you want to rip people's flesh off when you see them live. One has visceral reaction listening to this tape and i'd kill to see this live. This is a mix between nosie and hardcore punk ultra violence muffled vocals, loops, and perfectly poor recording quality. This demo sounds haunted- get this, i dare you." 

Can't do nothing but underline the review in MRR! ((prmtv-ccmltn)) are just such a beast of ultra noisy Hardcore, this is more than mere music on audio tape, it's a one of a kind acoustic experience.

Also some updates to the distro section:

Three letters/parcels got delivered to the HQ these days from the labels of three good friends of mine. First i got the 2nd edition of the Seitan Terror - Up the fucking Noisecore-Punx Tape and Sakatat / Matka Teresa Split 7" in from THC & DIY Records. Second is the Split Tape between Diseksa / Terlarang from Fastdie Records. Third and most recent, the latest release of Tombs in the Valley Productions in form of the Manic Scum - Better Left Undead Tape.

Seitan Terror - Up the fucking Noisecore-Punx Tape (2nd Edition) lim. 25
Sakatat / Matka Teresa Split 7" lim. 1000

Diseksa / Terlarang Split Tape lim. 200

Manic Scum - Better Left Undead Tape lim. 100

Montag, 21. Mai 2012

BT 020 "No More Borders" 4 Way Split 7" OUT NOW + Distro Incoming + News

BT 020 "No More Borders" 4 Way Split 7" lim. 500 

Pro printed coloured cardboard Sleeve with pro printed Insert containing all lyrics. Black Vinyl with b/w printed Labels. Co-release with various DIY Labels.

4 Way Split 7" between Raw Power, Naked Aggression, MDC and Söm-Hi Nöise under the moto of "No More Borders". Various styles from four very different bands! The groups range from Acoustic-Punk from MDC to fast Powerviolence/HC from Söm-Hi Nöise.

Check the whole 7" out at:

Before i come to the distro arrivals, i'll be selling of some of my junk on the weekend in the Mukuku in Kremsmünster. They put up a awesome looking concert with BTR homies Back Then and two more bands from the region. Come, buy stuff from my distro stand, support a kick ass location and celebrate great Austro-Bands!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's the Mukuku site for the gig:

Here are the newest additions to the distro list:

Once more a parcel full of goodness from Spastic Fantastic Records arrived at the HQ, and once again, the label sets the bar higher for all other Euro labels with it's killer releases! The split 7" between Nihil Baxter / Henry Fonda is at the same time a split between two houshold names on the label, since both bands put out some of their very early works on SFR. Snob Value hits another homerun with this new LP, as do Sidetracked with their's. Another gem is the Die Eule im Bart des Judas debut 7", which is like a little brother of Napoleon Dynamite with more weirdness and spiced with synthesizers. Also re-stocked the neat-o Trash Up My Ass compi tape and some copies of France's most brilliant garage band The Irritones. "Penis romantique" is packed with hit worthy smashers as Computerstaat and White Wires and rule throughout the whole tape LP. My penis wants to make romantique to this tape so bad! All of these new releases from SFR/Yakuzzi get a MUST HAVE rating from moi.

Next up are two wonderful records from my British partners in crime: Tomby in the Valley Productions. If you are into Powerviolence/Fastcore/Grind stuff, there's no going around these lads! The split tape between Hoy Pinoy & Set Aside For Genocide (best bandname ever huh?) is genious - rabid crazy core vs. fast pw/grind at it's finest. In the same leagues play Grace & Tide of Iron, who share a well done split 7" here. ToI are exceptionally good and one of the best things to come out of the UK. The UK scene seems on fire with awesome groups like Tide of Iron, Human Junk, Sump and The Afternoon Gents pushing out classic after classic.

Last are some 12" + 7"es from Refuse Records, operating out of Berlin/Germany and Warsaw/Poland. They   mainly do Straight Edge stuff but put out all sorts of cool HC bands too. Haven't had the chance to listen into the stuff but everything sounded nice on paper.

Some, or some more news:

* ATCN#2 is about to go into layouting. Last copies of #1 are still available from me.

* Over The Top guys got the test presses for the Fleisch Pic 7" and hope that it will be out within the month. Pictures of it look fantastic and are up on both the OTT and BTR Facebook page.

* Black Trash Records shirts are in the making very soonish!!

* The test presses of the Moms On Meth 7" (co-release) arrived at Alex "Offside Records" place lately. Records should go to press really soon therefore. Prepare yourself for one of the kewl'est bands ever to come out of France. Insane Powerviolence with female vocals - fucking A.

* Got the artwork & layout's & master for the two new Brody's Militia tapes, so work on these will start within june probably, as i want to have these out during the summer. Will do something nice for ya'll collectors out there with both tapes!

* Lotus Fucker disco tape is nearly sold out right now. Will do a 2nd edition soon with yet another awesome packaging, only limited to 50 pieces. Going to be on coloured cassettes with stickers, same pro covers as first press and the already mentioned special packaging for all 50 of them.

* Will co-release the new 12" of BLANK from Germany who play mind blowing dark HC/Crust. The band sent the order of 300 vinyls to press and Fucking Kill Records and myself are helping out co-releasing/funding the LP.

Get your fix here:

* Will also co-release the debut 7" of insanely good Russian band Kroveled. No Bread! Records are handling the pressing of 275 copies on black vinyl for this one. More news as they come.

Check out Kroveled on bandcamp:

* That's it for now, gotta return to watch the Over The Limit PPV from yesterday and play some Diablo3!!!