Dienstag, 17. Mai 2011

Major Announcement: AND THEN CAME NOISE # 1

I'm proud to announce that the first Issue of AND THEN CAME NOISE is half way through the layouting and to be out within the next months. This new, and by the way the only DIY paper fanzine in Austria dealing with Punk & Wrestling, was invoced by me in early March and is supported by some good friends of mine co-writing and helping with original Artwork.

The staff working on this project is:

Me, Luke (Editor, Head-Writer, Artwork & Layouter)
Charly (Co-Writer)
Dominic (Artwork)
Mike (Artwork

Expect killer, in debt and lenghty Interviews with Brody's Militia (US), Lotus Fucker (US), Deathcage (AUS), Spastic Fantastic Records (GER) and professional american Deathmatch Wrestler Danny Havoc + Articles on rare & obscure Japcore gems, Razor Boards in japanese Deathmatch Wrestling and GISM worship + over 20 detailed Record & Tape Reviews.

The zine is done in cut 'n' paste style in black and white colour, written fully in English (or better said Engrish) and is to be printed in A4 format.

Here is a sneak peak of two test printed sites:

BT 011 Back Then - who cares about back then Tape lim. 100

Full coloured, 2 sided, pro printed covers. 20 Yellow with clear cases, 20 White with black cases, 20 white with orange cases, 20 Red with black cases, 20 Red with orange cases, pro Tapes with laser printed b/w tape stickers.

For years the Austrian Underground has been dead besides Vienna, not anymore!
Back Then are setting new standards with this brilliant 4 piece, which shows shades of legendary formations as the kind of Diavolo Rosso and puts themself over as one of the top notch Hardcore Band around!

Check out the bands Word Press Page for Infos & Sampes: http://backthen4020.wordpress.com