Donnerstag, 24. November 2011

BT 016 Mururoa Attäck LP + Bonus CD & Distro Updates

BT 016 Mururoa Attäck - Wir sind die Guten 12" LP + Bonus CD lim. 500

Pro inside out printed coloured cardboard Sleeve with pro printed coloured thick Insert containing all Lyrics & Infos and all on Clear Vinyl with b/w printed Labels. Plus Bonus pro CD with pro printed coloured sleeve!

Already the 5th album of these 1995 founded Hardcore/Punkers from Germany, that still delivers the same raging smashers as the demo years ago! Co-Production with a bunch of DIY labels.


And some awesome stuff to the Distro!! First up a update on the crucial Kink Records catalogue in form of the Kommando Vollsaufen - Penner Rock Attacke Tape, a over the top great street punk band with hilarious lyrics: catchy as catch can!!, and the self titled Lip Kick 7", a all girl HC combo that is in no way inferior to their male counterparts.

And a restock of the Kurwa Aparata - Armed Chemicals of Untamed Thougts 12" from the great Scumusick Label & Distro. Must have vinyl, by far the best LP by an Austrian band since Ruidosa Inmundicia's Split LP with Solid Decline in '07!!!

Donnerstag, 17. November 2011

More Noize # 7 & Shizophasia - 3000 Tape in Stock

Small, but all the more awesome, Distro update is online!

First is the newest (and in my opinion best yet) installment of Tony's fabulous "More Noize Fanzine" series. The 7th issue features the essential reader letters, tons of current vinyl & tape reviews and interviews with Fonga + Deformity + Kylmä Sota + The Injections in the zine's typical & lovely manner. Don't expect ball cuddling reviews or inties here folks, but if you take the risk of getting this paper in your hands, you'll be rewarded with hilarious satiric, on the point and honest as well as critical thoughts on the world of (Noise)Punk! MUST HAVE

Mor eNoize blogspot:
Twitter page:!/MorENoize
Facebook page:!/pages/Mor-eNoize-Fanzine/126371627423268

Secondly we have the new tape of Canada's Noise-Hero's: Shizophasia, entitled "3000". This fine piece was put out by Nikita of Drunk with Power Records from Russia! Here is the original press text:

"Another portion of NOISE NOT MUSIC by these mutants from 2019 A.D.
On the Side 1 (9 songs, 14 minutes 9 seconds) you'll get the SWANKYS and CONFUSE inspired noise punk, but on the Side 2 (7 songs, 14 minutes 57 seconds) you'll get dark classic industrial in the vein of early SPK and THROBBING GRISTLE! All songs based on sci-fi / post-apocalyptic movies such as "Starship", "Class of Nuke 'Em High Part II: Subhumanoid Meltdown", "Super Mario Bros.", "Rollerball", "Total Recall", "Hell Comes to Frogtown", "Shredder Orpheus", "Battletruck", "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome", "Judge Dredd", "Slipstream", "Future-Kill", "American Cyborg: Steel Warrior", "Doom Runners", "Doomsday". Total 16 songs, almost 30 minutes of playing time!
Covers are pro-printed (printed on thick glossy paper, 3 panel full color artwork, double sided), cassette tapes are pro-made too, but stickers\labels on them are DIY. Looks cool and sounds awesome!"

Drunk with Power Records:

Sonntag, 13. November 2011

BT 009 Indoctrinate - Down-And-Out (Demo 2010) 2ND PRESS OUT NOW

BT 009 Indoctrinate - Down-And-Out (Demo 2010)
2nd press: Full coloured, 2 sided, pro printed covers. Factory dubbed transparent pro tapes with pro print on shell (30x red, 30x white, 40x gold ink) with clear cases limited to 100 copies. All copies come with a pro printed A7 b/w sticker!

Debut demo of one of the most promising new bands emerging from Austria's scene. Indoctrinate play a catchy mix of Hardcore and D-Beat with a metallic touch!

Montag, 7. November 2011

BT 010 Terlarang / Over the Top Split 7" OUT NOW

BT 010 Terlarang / Over the Top Split 7" EP lim. 600

Pro printed, full coloured, 2 sided Sleeve with front/back cover and all lyrics & infos inside and 400 Black Vinyl, 100 White Vinyl, 100 Blue Vinyl with b/w printed Labels. Co-Release with S.B.S. Records, Fastdie Records, Riotous Outburst Records, Suburban White Trash Records and Beat the Meat Records.

Terlarang is one of the premier acts of the boiling Malaysian UG and show on their vinyl debut just how awesome a blend of Trashcore/Punk with a portion Grind can be! Over the Top on the other side are the household act in Europes trash'ier punk fields and once again cement their status as the kings of German Trashcore with this output.

Finally also available form me after long delays and customs fucking around with my copies! I have 125 copies of the whole pressing and white/blue vinyl is only available in a small quantity.

Over the Top Myspace:
Over the Top Website:

Terlarang Myspace:
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