Sonntag, 24. Juli 2011

Give Praise Records US Distribution

Dear US folks. Paul, the mastermind behind the most radical distro around, is now carrying a large scale of Black Trash Records Releases in his Distro. Show some support and get your favorite BTR outputs together with killer Give Praise Records stuff like the insanely awesome Brody’s Militia / Breathilizor Split 7".

Samstag, 16. Juli 2011

Short forced Hiatus

Broke my foot a few days ago (fibular fracture to be particular), so label work's on a short hiatus of 2-3 weeks until i can walk again. Still contactable in the meanwhile, but not able send out stuff etc

Freitag, 8. Juli 2011

BTR 013 Lotus Fucker - The Tale of the Mighty Lotus (so far) Tape

BT 013 Lotus Fucker - The Tale of the Mighty Lotus (so far) Tape lim. 100

Full coloured, 2 sided, pro printed covers. Clear, factory printed, pro Tapes. Tapes & Covers are professionaly factured by Brutallica Print from Bulgaria. First 30 copies come in special packaging with a manual A4 sheet and a Tea Bag of Lotus Blooms Oolong Green Tea.

Finally, the mother of all Tape Release is rising out of the BTR Headquaters into the world, continuing "The Tale of the Might Lotus" Fucker. This Tape forms a collection of the bands vinyl output from 2009-2011, featuring the LP and the Split 7"es with Penis Geyser and the Wanky's, and comes with over the top original artwork from Dan & Mike of Chaos Destroy, as well as additional art by "And then came Noise" Artist Michael Winiecki.

The limited special edition consists of a special packaging, created after early 90's plastic soldier blisters, that delivers the Tape itself, a A4 manual sheet with original artwork from Michal Winiecki and a Milford Aroma Teafilter, filled with Lotus Blooms Oolong Green Tea, for the pleasure of enjoying Lotus Noise & Tea. Be fast!

BTR Official Facebook Page

Due to social pressure, Black Trash Records Facebook Page is up and running for about a month. Click like to boost my ego and leave comments if you feel like it!!/pages/Black-Trash-Records/192070264157675