Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2012

4 New Releases OUT NOW & More Awesome News

Things have gone slow over the summer here at BTR, but finally i pulled myself together to make an update to this very site. Summer has been busy for me with some new releases and a lot of concerts that i attented with my distro to sell stuff and meet great people. You can look at pictures of most gigs i've been in the last months on the BTR Facebook page.

Some of these "new" releases have been here with me for quite a while now, so some are newer than the others:

BT 018 Over the Top - Fleisch Pic 7" EP lim. 200
Transparent plastic sleeve printed with the lyrics and infos. 200 Picture Vinyl Discs.

OTT return where they left off on the split 7" with Terlarang musically, but tried to base the whole new EP on a concept of the long overdue, and in it's importance inevitable, examination of Punks like you and me with the matter of eating meat. Naturally, this happens in OTT's own trashy and hilarious way!

BT 024 Human Junk / God's America Split 7" EP lim. 500 
Pro printed, full coloured, 2 sided Sleeve with front/back cover and all lyrics & infos inside. 400 Black Vinyl and 100 Green Vinyl with b/w printed Labels. Co-Release with Tombs In The Valley Productions, Keep Screaming Records and more.

Human Junk from the UK show 100% Hellnation worship through their mindblowing Powerviolence / Fastcore on their vinyl debut. Insane portions of feedback and no song with playtime over 45 seconds make this on hell of ride. God's America from the US have a equally distorted basis in their sound, but approach the listener with more of an Grindcore related attempt of Powerviolence.

BT 025 Moms On Meth - s/t 7" EP lim. 500
Pro printed, full coloured, 1 sided Sleeve with front/back cover and one sided b/w insert with all lyrics & infos. 500 Black Vinyl with b/w printed Labels. Co-Release with Offside Records, Middle Class Zombies Attack and Up To Eleven Records.

Most awesome Powerviolence / Hardcore band with female vocals from Lyon, France with their 7" debut, that feature members of other class acts as Veuve S.S. and more. They are some of the loveliest people i ever had the pleasure to meet in the HC/Punk scene, just destroyed most of Europe on their highly successful tour this summer, and are widely regarded as one of the few truly outstanding Euro gems of the last years.

BT 033 Kain - One Sided 12" LP lim. 500
Pro printed cardboard Sleeve. 500 on black Vinyl with b/w printed Labels and white screenprint on the blank side. Co-release with the band, THC & DIY Records and Shitpiece Records.

Once again a band from Linz that is set out to make waves on the international scene! Kain play brilliant Neo-Crust/Crust that is a bit blackened on occasion. What sets them appart from most other bands in that particular genre is how epic they shape their songs to feel, the (unholy) trinity of vocals with three band members sharing vocal duties, their point blank usage of sound samples and more. This beautifully screen printed one sided 12" will grow on you every time you listen too it, rewarding you with a standout audial adventure. Way too underrated band that features ex-members of Back Then.

  • Also got lot's of new distro items coming in right now, or already lying around at the HQ, so another update with a up to date distro list will follow over the next days!

  • In other news from the postal front: lowered their price a lot on Maxi Letters within Europe. Can send everything except 10" & 12" (they are too wide) up to 2kg within Europe for 9eur now. You can order any number of 7"es, Tapes, Zines, Merch, etc that weighs up to said kilograms from the distro and you will only have to pay 9eur postage. Great deal huh?

  • ATCN #1 is down to the last 10 or so copies. Get yours soon! Second issue is fully written and is waiting for layouting right now. I don't except a release of it within this year, but i hope to have it done and printed in january like the first issue.

  • BTR Shirt 001 & 002 are also down to the last few. Got the black shirt left in XL and the white shirt in XL and 2XL. Two new shirts are in the line right now that will be part of a new series of shirts dubbed "I Love Vinyl". More news on the new shirts soon & also a option to pre-order your prefered size, since i'll mostly take M and L with the next run of merch.