Samstag, 27. August 2011

Total War - 8 Track Demo

Canada's premier D-Beat Raw Punk maniacs of Total War have recently published their over the top ruling "8 Track Demo" Tape through their label CHARGED//DISTORTED on 100 pro done tapes.

The awesomeness of this tape still demands a higher amount of spreading worldwide in the eyes of the Black Trash HQ, so i'll be doing a european version of the tape soon!

European Version will be limited to 300 copies, pro cover & pro printed tapes and will have a special goodie too.

Finnish Distro Attack

Got some serious Finland gems incoming this week with the self titled 7" of Tukhaus released by Roku Records and Psychedelica Records, which is the first press limited to 500 copies. Tukhaus play smashing crusty Hardcore with unbelievable awesome vocals!

Check out 3 of the 8 tracks from the single @

And the second distro addition is the Demo Tape of Ydintalvi, which is by the way 45 minuites long so already kind of a full lenght piece. Expect a unique blend of Hardcore & Black Metal from this, "noisy & chaotic, but kinda, eh, catchy at the same time." gets it to the point! The Tape comes in devoted DIY fashion with tape stickers, inserts and a cool sticker.

Download samples of the tape here:

Mittwoch, 10. August 2011

Kawakami Nightmare

Are in conspiracy with Black Trash Records now for their upcoming recordings and have just opened a new kick ass blogspot page! Check out the Eastern Europe's Bastard Son's of Kawakami under:

Donnerstag, 4. August 2011

Huge Distro Update

Received two great packages full of records today, coming from my buddy's Paul of Give Praise Records and Samu of Emptiness Productions. Following titles have been added to the distro list:

Give Praise Records:

Brody’s Militia / Breathilizor Split 7"
Deep Shit – America’s Most Haunted 7"
Murder-Suicide Pact – Do It Or Don’t 7"
Think Twice – National Sacrifice Zone 7"

Emptiness Productions:

Satan's Satyrs - Lucifer Lives! Tape