Freitag, 27. Januar 2012

BT 011 Back Then - who cares about back then Tape 2ND PRESS OUT NOW

BT 011 Back Then - who cares about back then Tape

2nd press: Full coloured, 2 sided, pro printed covers. Black pro tapes with hand stamped tape stickers in toilet paper scroll packaging with pro printed A7 sticker on front, limited to 100 copies. Additional special "26.1.Kapu" edition, with different sticker on front, is limited to 21 copies.

For years the Austrian Underground has been dead besides Vienna, not anymore! Back Then are setting new standards with this brilliant 4 piece, which shows shades of legendary formations as the kind of Diavolo Rosso and puts themself over as one of the top notch Hardcore Band around!

"26.1.Kapu" edition of the repressed Back Then Demo Tapes was released yesterday at their Gig with Bacchus in Linz. 21 copies were made in toilet paper scrolls with pro printed cover inlay and black pro tapes with stamped white stickers on them. More than half are gone, only few left in stock. First picture was taken by Zeis!

Pictures of the gig, as well as of us with all the friends of Back Then and Thc&DIY are up on the BTR Facebook page now. Live pictures were taken by Mike!

Back Then debuted their new songs live, which were pretty much mindblowing! So stay tuned for more Back Then goodness in the future.

Montag, 23. Januar 2012


No one actually thought that this day will still come, but it has, finally the very first issue of AND THEN CAME NOISE arrived today at the Black Trash HQ and turned out fantastic. The zine was printed by the fine folks at BCN Copyshop from Vienna in fabulous looking black / white digital print with thicker outer paper, held together by two staples. This brand new, and by the way the only DIY paper fanzine in Austria dealing with Punk & Wrestling, was invoced by me in early March and is supported by some good friends of mine co-writing and helping with original Artwork and stuff. This first print is limited to 100 pieces.

Following maniacs were involved in creating this piece:

Me, Luke (Editor, Head-Writer, Artwork & Layouter, Funding)
Mike (Artwork, Co-Funding, Support)
Charly (Co-Writer)
Dominik (Artwork)

Expect killer, in debt and lenghty Interviews with Brody's Militia (US), Lotus Fucker (US), Deathcage (AUS), Spastic Fantastic Records (GER) and professional american Deathmatch Wrestler Danny Havoc + Articles on rare & obscure Japcore gems and GISM worship + the Never Break the Kayfabe column with thoughts on Razor Boards in japanese Deathmatch Wrestling + over 20 detailed Record & Tape Reviews.

The zine is done in pc cut 'n' paste style in black and white colour, written fully in (not the best) English and is printed in A4 format.

Also heavy props for the people who helped with fundings:

* Chris "Fishfartz"
* Mike "Dudemaster"
* "Kamikaze" Dan

Premier sale of this important literarily effort will be this thursday in Linz at the Back Then + Baccus gig at Kapu - Be there, meet the crew in person and spend us free drinks!!!

Issue # 2 is in the works now!! Me and Mike have everything besides the interviews sorted out already. Party on

Freitag, 6. Januar 2012

News & Insane Distro Update

I bid you welcome to 2012 Black Trash Rex faithful. As you may have noticed, the earth is still spinning and so the Mayas once again did nothing but play a huge swerve on us all. Just like last year, the plan is to step up the pace again and do even more releases! A fine outline of a vague release schedule has been drawn for the next few months so here we go:

* BT 017 Homo Homini Lupus / Aggrenation Split 12" is at press and i await to hear updates or receive my copies in the next weeks hopefully.

* BT 012 Ydintuho / Axebastard Split Tape & BT 015 Total War - 8 Track Demo Tape (EU Version) are on the verge of completion. Both tapes are the very first outputs expected to surface within the first two months of 2012.

* BT 018 will be a brand new Pic 7" of everybody's favorite Trashcore act: Over the Top. "Fleisch" will be the long overdue, and in it's importance inevitable, examination of Punks like you and me with the matter of DO eating meat. The single is expected to hit the pressing plant this month i think.

* BT 011 Back Then - who cares about back then Tape is SOLD OUT and will receive a re-print in the near future. Trying to squeeze this one in between all the other stuff going on right now. Will have the same covers as the initial run but awesome, and yes, different packaging. Also working on more future outputs with the Back Then guys atm!

* BTR shirts will be the new en vogue shit this year. Two designs have been finished by my partner in crime Michael Winiecki ( and will be printed in outragous limited runs sooner or later. Both artworks will conjure nerdgasm upon you dear collectors nerds.

* And then came Noise #1 is still in limbo and is desperatly waiting to be finally printed and unleashed. Running a label costs much and i go to Mc Donalds every week, so fundings are limited to get it done, but it WILL happen next month hopefully. ATCN #2 is already finished with the exception of the interview section.

That's the deal so far concerning some label-wise heads up. Let's move on to the undoubtfully hugest Distro Update this blog had yet and eventually will ever have! Best of the best stuff from Germany's finest Trashcore label Spastic Fantastic (Yakuzzi Tapes) and Powerviolence/Grind insitution RSR (Hate Ape Productions), as well as malaysian goodies from Crysis Records and the household label of Diseksa and Terlarang named Fastdie Records + some restock from my awesome finnish dude Jani. Mate simply sendt me some tapes with a little note reading "Just getting rid of stuff".. you're the man!

Alarmstufe Gerd / Nihil Baxter Split 7" - Spastic Fantastic Records
Napoleon Dynamite / Irritones Split 7" - Spastic Fantastic Records
Nihil Baxter - Demo 7" - Spastic Fantastic Records

Napoleon Dynamite - Fickt Euch Alle 12" - Spastic Fantastic Records

Dean Dirg - Verpisst Tape - Spastic Fantastic Records
VA - Trash Up My Ass Tape - Spastic Fantastic Records
Mother Speed / Take It Back Tape - Yakuzzi Tapes
The Gentle Art Of Chokin - First Four Years Tape - Yakuzzi Tapes
The Gentle Art Of Chokin - st 2011 Tape - Yakuzzi Tapes
Quattro Stagioni - Discography Tape - Yakuzzi Tapes
The Night Stalkers - Demo Tape - Yakuzzi Tapes

Cyborg/The Afternoon Gentleman 7” - RSR Records
Extortion/Septic Surge Split 7” - RSR Records
Su19b/Dreadeye Split 7” - RSR Records
Judas - 1sided 7” - RSR Records

Rupture/Opposition Party 7” - Hate Ape Productions
Rupture - Spontaneous Simian Combustion 7" - Hate Ape Productions
Love Potion - Intimacy 7” - Hate Ape Productions

Ydintalvi - Demo Tape - Self released

VA - Music is our Weapon Grindcore Compilation lim. 200 - Fastdie Records

The Secret Prostitutes - s/t Tape - Crysis Records
Pahaa Verta / Ydinperhe Split Tape - Crysis Records