Samstag, 7. Juli 2012



From now until the beginning of september: *drum roll* "Super-Special-Summer-Blow-off-Sale". My little room is packed to it's limit with tapes & vinyl of all sorts, so here's your chance to help me make some space while scoring a neat-o deal! Rates are as following:

* Spend 50eur or more on BTR Releases & Distro, and i will pay for your postage within EU

* Spend 65eur or more on BTR Releases & Distro, and i will pay for your postage to everywhere on the WORLD

I will send all orders on these deals as parcels, which cost about 13-27eur, depending on weight on location. Included features on this product from is: insurrence up to 510eur, track'n'trace and faster delivery compared to letters.

Help me make room for future and upcoming releases with this sale and sweet zero play rates!


As it is burning hot in Austria right now and probably everywhere else too, official Black Trash Records T-Shirts are OUT NOW! Be quick and catch one of these unique designs by my partner in crime, one Michael Winiecki. Mike did both artworks and helped me financing these bad boys and you can support his works on his page under:

Be the hippest cat on the beach/pool/lake this summer with this all new collection of über-en vogue coture! PUNK IS FASHION hombre.

Expose one is a Dead Kennedys inspired piece of Star Wars fandom, that comes with white print on heavy black Gildan cotton.

Expose two was inspired by living your live as a Slacker and Batman, and comes with black print on heavy white Gildan cotton.

(Shirts pics by Michael "Mike" Winiecki)

Both shirts have underwent intense testing by the crew in 35 degree plus hot rooms, concerts & bars, which they both passed with the highest possible points, surley due to their high end quality production by the fabulous Ayuhara Prints from Germany.

This batch is limited to only 30 pieces (15 per design) and shirts are 9eur each. There are already very few left! Size M and XXL are sold out of both colours and just a small quantity of L and XL are left - so better act fast dude!

Visit Ayuhara Prints under:

Four new releases arrived at the BTR HQ during the last 3 weeks, begging to be put up on the site all the while. Had no time to deal with it up to now, as i had stress at the university because of the semester's end and the obligatory enjoyment of a week full of doing nothing afterwards. Let's kick off the summer season with these fine new additions to the BTR library:

BT 023 Terlarang / Jagernaut Split 7" lim. 555

Pro printed, full coloured, 2 sided Sleeve with front/back cover and all lyrics & infos inside. 331 Black Vinyl, 114 Green Vinyl, 110 White Vinyl with silver printed Labels. Co-Release with Suburban White Trash Records, Tenzenmen and Screaming Victims.

Terlarang offer a refined version of the Trashcore/-Punk'n'Grind mix they debuted on their last 7" with OTT. These new songs show a lot of progress within the band through smart & rocking song structures, way better recording quality and a very unique sound to all of it - killer!

Jagernaut From Greece play a neat sort of Crust/Grind, more Crust on the musical side and rather Grind with the vocals, pretty awesome combination!

Joel of SWT Records pressed these fined pieces in the US and they look, sound and even smell nice! The cover artwork from both bands is also fantastic and i genuinely love the record in it's final shape.
Got the 7" in all thre differnt colours in about the same quanitty, so i can offer coloured vinyls for mailorder & trade!

You can listen to tracks from the split on these sites:

BT 026 Kroveled - s/t 7" lim. 275

Pro printed, full coloured, 2 sided Sleeve with front/back cover, additional art & label infos inside. All on Black Vinyl with b/w printed Labels. Co-Release with No Bread and four other DIY labels.

Kroveled embody what music in 2012 is supposed to be like, something new & different, not the hundreth rehash of a band that was hip 20+ years ago! This music is both full of despair and unfiltered emotion, probably the absolute fusion between Noise Punk/Sludge/Raw Black Metal. From the depths of Russia, dedicated to H.P. Lovecraft.

Comes with a oversized pro printed cover sleeve with disturbingly eye catching artwork that leaves you with no idea of it's real intent, regardless of how long you have been staring at it already! The David Lynch between 7" artworks.


BT 027 BLANK - Calix 12" lim. 300

Screen printed coloured cardboard Sleeve with pro printed, 2 sided, Poster-Insert containing all Lyrics & Infos. All on White Vinyl with b/w printed Labels. Co-release with Fucking Kill Records.

Dark Hardcore / Crust from Germany that is powerful, deep, diverse and catchy. BLANK walk a thin line between blackened & dark HC and Crust that may/might resembles most characteristics of typical Crust bands, but never looses the HC drive and intensity behind it. The epic music on this 12" can only be topped by it's luxorious appearence and packaging! "Well what it is saying?", "It says nothing... it's BLANK!"

Listen to the 12" on Bandcamp:

BT 028 ((prmtv-ccmltn)) - 8 Track Demo (European Version) Tape lim. 100

Full coloured, 2 sided, pro printed covers. 50 Black, 25 White and 25 Smokey Clear pro tapes with stickers in black cases limited to 100 copies. EU Edition features the same tracks as the initial press, but comes with all new Artwork.

((prmtv-ccmltn)), or Primitive Accumulation (from Halifax, Canada), redefine the Noise in Punk game with their 8 Track Demo by bringing a new perspective to the noise table. Rather than playing hyper distorted 1-2, 1-2 minimal Punk, PA play a haunted version of fuzzed out Hardcore/Powerviolence, that is darkened by hints of Black Metal. This is not a mere punk record on audio tape, it is a one of a kind audial experience!

MRR wrote in #345: "Think hardcore violence that reminds you of the voices you hear when you've stayed up for too many days. It's violent in the way SCAPEGOAT makes you want to rip people's flesh off when you see them live. One has visceral reaction listening to this tape and i'd kill to see this live. This is a mix between nosie and hardcore punk ultra violence muffled vocals, loops, and perfectly poor recording quality. This demo sounds haunted- get this, i dare you."


Apart from all the new releases, sending after sending from befriended labels & distros arrived at the HQ, also waiting to be unleashed upon you dear readers of this blog! Got a whole selection this time from all over the world: from the ever great Kink Records, over the local friends over at Scumusick, my Malaysia bro's of Fastdie Records & Kandar Mosh Distro, right to Destroy It Yourself (DIY) from Portugal.

Recommondation goes out from myself to buy the burn/it/out demo! Really great new HC stuff from Germany in beautiful hand crafted DIY carton sleeve (Kink Records is notorious for producing such lovely packaging), with incredible artwork on it + insert with lyrics and some more art + a sticker with the cover art. So well worth buying alone for it's content, not even speaking of the awesome tunes, which sound & feel way better than the term "demo" would indicate them to be!

burn/it/out - Demo Tape - Kink Reocrds
No More Art - Demos Vol. 1 Tape - Kink Records (RESTOCK)

Idiophon – Am Apparat 7" - Kink Records
Condenada – Mother Tongue 7" - Thought Crime Records
No Slogan – s/t 7" - Thought Crime Records

Partiya - Assholeraisers 12" lim. 500 - Scumusick

Diseksa / Gripe – Indefinite Detention Split Tape lim. 200 - Fastdie Records / Tombs in the Valley Prods
Crutch - 8 Track Demo Tape lim. 30 - Fastdie Records

Rupture - Jubilee-49 Greatest Hates CD - Kandar Mosh Distro
Bandana Revenge / LxExAxRxNx / Ledge Attack Split CD - Kandar Mosh Distro

Machetazo - Crypt Marrow And Desolation Tape lim. 200 - Kandar Mosh Distro
F.K.U. - Sometimes they come back.. to mosh! Tape lim. 200 - Kandar Mosh Distro 
Weot Skam - Breaking Tape lim. 200 - Kandar Mosh Distro

V.A. - Rocky vs. Rambo 4 Way Split 7" lim. 250 - Kandar Mosh Distro

Local Trap / Knives Out Split Tape lim. 150 - Destroy It Yourself
The Skrotes - s/t Tape lim. 100 - Destroy It Yourself

Dance or Die / P.F.A. Split 7" - Destroy It Yourself