Montag, 31. Oktober 2011

Halloween News

BT 010 Terlarang / Over the Top Split 7" is OUT NOW! A proper description and update to the release section will follow soon, as half of my copies are still stuck at the custom department....

BT 012 Ydintuho / Axebastard Split Tape is finally ready to start! The carton outer sleeves are printed and the pro covers and pro tapes are following soon. The tentative release date is sometime November / early December. 300 copies are going to be pressed, all with both pro cover & pro tape + pro printed carton outer sleeve!

Due to serious bromance between Tombs in the Valley Productions (UK) and Black Trash Records, Stu and me hooked up to do some serious awesome releases in the future. First up will be a Tape Diskography of Lt. Dan!

Tombs in the Valley HQ:
Facebook Page:

The second press of the Indoctrinate Demo Tape has been finished over at the excellent Brutallica Print in Bulgaria, and is on it's way to the Black Trash HQ now. 2nd Press will have the same pro printed covers as the first, but comes with transparent pro printed tapes (30 red, 30 white and 40 gold ink on shell print) and A7 stickers. The stickers are at the print house right now and should be ready within the delivery time of the tapes, which is about 2 weeks.

Get some of the demo's tracks here:

Two new 12" vinyl co-productions are also at the press now! First the new 12" LP of Mururoa Attäck (GER), that comes on coloured vinyl AND with a bonus CD. These guys rock the scene since the 90's, show some love for veteran punkers!

Mururoa Attäck:

Followed by a nice Split 12" between Homo Homini Lupus (CRO) and Aggrenation (SWE). HHL play a unique mix of Crust/Grind with a slight touch of Death Metal, while Aggrenation stands for breath taking sweden D-Beat, also with metallic hints here and there.

Homo Homini Lupus:

Last but not least: The EU version of the now sold out demo tape of Canada's Total War is in the making now, D-Beat Raw Punk in it's purest form!!!

Mittwoch, 19. Oktober 2011

Big Cartel Store

Made a Big Cartel store as it seems like everyone has one these days. The Shop is up and running and i think you can already order things out of there. If any problems with postage calculation or other bullshit surfaces while you're ordering get in touch so i can solve this. Basically, you can only get copys of the latest release through it because the free version of Big Cartel only features 5 products, so still, you'll have to drop me a mail for older release and distro stuff.

If you scroll down, you can also find a new button on your right in order to get to the Big Cartel page in the future!

Dienstag, 11. Oktober 2011

The Skrotes 7" & Over the Top / Terlarang Split 7"

Portugese Skate-Punk/HC/Powerviolence overlords have recorded their debut self titled 7" earlier this year and works on the pressing of the single are in progress. The Skrotes hit the scene with a fantastic Demo Tape on german label Yellow Dog Records last year, which set the bar very high but the guys have managed to top themselfs with their new recordings. You can get tracks of the demo & 7" through their Bandspace page and head to the The Skrotes wordpress site to get some more info on the lads.



In other news: the final release of the long overdue Over the Top / Terlarang Split 7" is going to happen real soon. The record was pressed by Jason of Beat the Meat Records in the US and should be here soon. This project is a split release between Black Trash, my dear friend Jesse of S.B.S. Records, Beat the Meat Records, Suburban White Trash Records and Riotous Outburst Records.

Over the Top:


Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2011

Some killer Updates

As the autumn wanders into the austrian wastelands, plans for future assaults are getting concrete and so for, these annoucements are coming at you now:

* The 1st run of the Indoctrinate Demo Tape is SOLD OUT from me and the band. Next or already this month, we are doing a second press with the same covers, but this time pro tapes with on shell print and maybe some fancy extra stuff for the nerds, we'll see.

* Black Trash Rex is now conspiring with Barcelona's Söm-Hi Noise to help with two upcoming split 7"es. First will be a split 7" with Blunt Force Trauma and the second one is a TBC 4 Way Split 7". Both are joint projects by various DIY Labels. Because awesome is not enough, their will also be a über-awesome Söm-Hi Noise Tape on BTR! Check out some tracks here:

* And then came Noise #1 has three supporters through ad's right now (endless thanks!!) and will most likely be sent to the printing company in charge by the end of the month.

* The Back Then Demo is running low on copies too so also look out for another pressing of it before the end of the year! Some folks will see a ridiculous constant in it but anyways, the 2nd run of the Back Then Tape will have a extraordinary packaging and pro printed tapes.

* Hell in Cell PPV was pretty cool for PG WWE, even a little juice was seeable during the main event. The company is getting some more love from me again after the last months! The angle with Punk/Cena/Del Rio was very cool, Mark Henry as a Vader-esque heel champ rules somehow (never thought i will like the guy someday), the tag team division has been brought back and i like the usage of the mid carders like Swagger, Rhodes, and so on a lot!

* Is anybody really going to read this?