Mittwoch, 25. April 2012

BT 017 Aggrenation / Homo Homini Lupus Split 12" LP is OUT NOW + Distro Stuff

BT 017 Aggrenation / Homo Homini Lupus Split 12" LP lim. 500

Pro printed coloured cardboard Sleeve with pro printed thick Insert containing all Lyrics & Infos. 400 on black Vinyl & 100 on black & red marmorized Vinyl with printed Labels. Co-release with a bunch of DIY Labels.

Fresh, raw and intense textbook Sweden D-Beat from Aggrenation versus a unique blend of Hardcore / Grindcore with different sorts of Metal from Homo Homini Lupus out of Croatia. Both Bands show that their respective genres still offer room for new, different & unique bands to manifest against the hordes of generic bands of our time - killer!

The 12"es pressing was handled by Chris of Fucking Kill Records and turned out great! Vinyl's sounding great and the whole packaging is done very professional. Only have copies on black vinyl for sale / trade!

Distro Updates:

Got some sweet stuff in from Fucking Kill Records along with the Aggrenation / HHH Split. New to the distro is the previous Split 12" of Aggrenation with Nulla Osta, the fabulous looking Wojczech / Black Hole Of Calcutta Split 7", the 1996 classic Split 7" of Corrosive and Bohrholm (comes in neat-o diy cardboard packaging) and also the debut of Love Chanel with their s/t 7". All four are neat outputs and therefore also parts of my personal collection!

Nulla Osta / Aggrenation Split 12" lim. 500 - Fucking Kill Records
Corrosive / Bohrholm Split 7" - Fucking Kill Records
Wojczech / Black Hole Of Calcutta Split 7" lim. 500 - Fucking Kill Records
Love Channel - s/t 7" lim. 525 - Fucking Kill Records

A new gem from my homeland Austria flew in from Scumusick during the last weeks. Kastrat (translated Eunuch) kick asses with a mix of Hardcore / Crust, out of Vienna, sung in German with male & female vocals. The 7" comes with hilarious artwork, lyric sheet, obi and a A4 poster! Sadly the band already disbanded again it seems..

 Kastrat - s/t 7" lim. 300 - Scumusick

The highlight of this distro update is probably the incomings from SPHC, which are the Merciless Game 8" (sideproject of Lotus Fucker), the new Split 7" of Grinders Sete Star Sept with the Noise-Lords of Penis Geyser and the new single of Kentucky's one man punk sensation Globsters. Only have one-two doubles of all these must haves!

Sete Star Sept / Penis Geyser Split 7" - SPHC
Merciless Game – Genjitsu Wo Kutabare 8" - SPHC
Globsters - Rock and Roll Misery 7" - SPHC

On the tape front, i got a huge update with awesome releases from Encinta Grabaciones out of Madrid, Spain. What you see is the Demo of Cromanon (Noise/Grind/Punk), tapes of Represion (Straight Edge HxC) & Venganza (Angry HC/Punk) and the split tape between Ras (Grind) and Disturbance Project (Grind). All these tapes are professional done and i can recommend them to you without any hesitation. Better don't miss your chance to get your hands on some nice UG stuff from Spain that isn't that common in most Distros.

Cromanon - Demo Tape - Encinta Grabaciones
Represion - s/t Tape - Encinta Grabaciones
Venganza - s/t Tape - Encinta Grabaciones
Ras / Disturbance Project Split Tape - Encinta Grabaciones

Samstag, 14. April 2012

BT 019 Back Then - Zeitverschwendung 7" EP is OUT NOW

BT 019 Back Then - Zeitverschwendung 7" EP lim. 300

Pro printed, full coloured, 2 sided Sleeve with front cover and all lyrics & infos & photos inside. 200 Black Vinyl, 50 White Vinyl, 50 White Smeared Vinyl with white hand stamped Labels. Co-Release with THC & DIY Records, Shitpiece Records & Epileptic Media Records.

This very first studio EP of Linz'es finest HC band Back Then should be considered gamechanging. These four tracks are as epic as epic can get! The release of their vinyl debut, entitled "Zeitverschwendung", bears such magnitude for the HC/Punk scene of Austria, it's breath-taking. This 7" will go down in history as the undisputed masterpiece of AUT HC/Punk of the decade. 4020/HC

These fine singles been pressed by the fabulous Ameise Vinyl from Germany in a first run of 300 copies. 200 are on black vinyl, while the remaining hundred are 50 on white vinyl and 50 on smeared white vinyl. The sound is amazing and rich, must say that i'm very pleased with the overall result! The Covers are pro printed sleeves on deluxe 250g paper with 4/4 print from print24. Kept the labels blank white, in order to have them hand stamped on both sides by Mike and myself.

I'm even more proud about this release because of the fact that it was possible to fund the press entirely through a collaboration of 4 befriended Austrian DIY Labels. Teamed up for the 7" with the great dudes of THC & DIY Records, Shitpiece Records and Epileptic Media Records.

You can stream the entire 7" already on the Back Then Blog!!!!

Pics of the 7" making of are up on the BTR Facebook Page!

Mittwoch, 11. April 2012

News & larger Distro Update

The Back Then 7"es are done and have been sent from the pressing plant to the BTR HQ on tuesday. They are supposed to arrive on friday! These will be out sometime during the weekend and you can pre-listen to the entire single on the Back Then Bandcamp page. Covers are already here, take a look!

I'm very happy to announce that i'll be doing a EU Version of ((prmtv-ccmltn))'s 8 Track Demo Tape called "Drive For Return To Inorganic Matter". You thought that you heard everything in noisy raw'n'distorted punk? Uh-uh sir, you've been terribly wrong! Primitive Accumulation will take you to a level of rawness that you have never dared to dream about - period! The BTR version will have a revised cover artwork and will come on coloured pro tapes with stickers.

Here are some words from the great RABM Blog about the tape:

"Primitive Accumulation, or ((prmtv-ccmltn)), are a band from Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada, whose first demo cassette "Drive for Return to Inorganic Matter" came out in December of 2011. Musically they're influenced by raw black metal, power violence/fastcore, noise and "other weird shit we can get our hands on" (c); politically - by the ideas of Marx, Marcuse, Negri, Deleuze, Guattari and the New Left in general. The demo consists of 8 short tracks, but it's mixed in one long track here. I'd recommend it to fans of very raw, primitive USBM, and noisecore."

Other news:

* BT 017 Homo Homini Lupus / Aggrenation Split 12" and BT 020 "No More Borders" 4 Way Split 7" are also finished, but still on the way to me.

* BT 018 Over the Top - Fleisch Pic 7" is still waiting on one of the involved labels to pay their part to got into press.

* BT 023 Terlarang / Jagernaut Split 7" and BT 024 Human Junk / God's America Split 7" are both at their pressing plants now. Hope to have some updates soon! You can pre-listen to the "God's Junk" Split 7" on the Tombs in the Valley Productions Bandcamp page.

* ATNC # 2 is awaiting the last two missing interviews to come back to us to start with the layouting phase! The other written content is already done and work on original artwork & tons of collages have started. Expect a detailed update on issue two as soon as all inties are here!

Coming to the distro: got a lot of stuff floating around here for a while, but i've been to busy to make a proper distro update till now. Got the great Life Ends / Slump 12" in, which sadly is the very last release of Life Ends because they suffered the terrible loss of their singer Daniel at the end of january. The Split 12" was supposed to be published for a planned Life Ends & Slump tour in 2012, but due to the sudden passing, the vinyl was made in memory of Daniel Blage. Been released by Kink, Fucking Kill, Vulgar and Useless Records.

Also got some other stuff in from Vulgar Records in form of the hilarious Doktor Bitch / Schnauzer 7" and the new edition of Sille's own fanzine called "Schreikrampf", celebrating the 15 year anniversary of Schreikrampf & Vulgar Records. This special issue of Schreikrampf comes with a super cool compilation 7" that features bands like Brody's Militia, Agathocles or Corrosive and is housed in a printed A4+ letter. Be warned: the zine is entirely in German, but the compilation alone is worth the price!

Next we have some goodies from Shitpiece Records, a very kewl fellow Austrian who is also co-releasing the Back Then 7" with me. Got the fabulous Coup D'Etat 12" (already sold out), the first LP from Austria's Boredom (who previously put out a split 12" with Rivers Run Dry) and the Perspectives 7" from Empty Handed (two different versions of genious looking, marbled colour vinyls).

And last but not least, three smashing tape releases you shouldn't miss out! The great Drunk with Power, operated by Nikita from Russia, again suprise with two awesome new releases. This time it's the demo of Russian HC/Punkers Minefield and a new tape from Unbroken Bones, who indeed play awesome Broken Bones'esque MetalPunk. RF/HC (Russian Federation Hardcore) rules! Also don't miss your chance to lay your fingers upon a copy of the great "The future doesn't need you" tape of Gripe. This Powerviolence / Grindcore band is on a roll right now and will have a lot more good stuff be coming out soon!

Yeah and following items from the Distro are SOLD OUT:

* The Secret Prostitutes - s/t - Crysis Records
* V.A. - GRRR... Compilation lim. 111 - THC & DIY Records
* V.A. - Trash Up My Ass - Spastic Fantastic Records (will get a restock)