Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2012

Snowy Chaos - News & Updates

While the whole neighbourhood suffocates under masses of snow, amounts that have not been seen around here since years, i got the day off from work and therefore found the time to do this long overdue update on various stuff.. naturally only after spending 2 hours of shoveling snow. Nearly 50cm fell since yesterday and the weather report indicates further precipitation over the next days. Fuck that! But let's get it on now while i'm slurping green tee and the "The Thing" OST is blasting through the speakers for maximum arctic end of days feeling.

First of all the major annoucment of BT 019, the vinyl debut of Linz'es finest: Back Then. The guys have been in the studio to record a mindblowing set of smashers over the past couple weeks and after a meeting between myself, the band and the heads of both THC & DIY Records and Epileptic Media Records, the plans about pressing their first 7" have been conjured! The Back Then crew also got introduced to Wolfi, the mind behind Shitpiece Records from Graz on their mini-tour with Bacchus, who also agreed to join our circle of Austrian DIY Superfriends.

The EP ist titled "Zeitverschwendung" (wast of time in german) and features 4 Tracks with a lenght of ca 10,5 minuites. I would blatantly lie in your face, if i'd tell you anything other, then that each of those brand new songs is fucking A++. The pressing will be 300 7"es with hand stamped white labels and professional printed inlay covers. 100 pieces of the pressing will come on white vinyl and some will have a specialy printed cover! The project has been sent to press already and is sheduled to be out in time for Back Then's Eastern Europe tour in April.

You can listen to one of the tracks of the 7" on the Back Then Bandcamp site under:

Also check out these bro's sites:

On the tape front: Brutallica is working hard on completing the pressing of BT 015, the suprise hit of 2011, Total War's Demo Tape and i'm awaiting a estimated delivery date at any minuite! The pressing's amount is 300 copies and has the same tracks and cover art as the sold out Canadian Edition, released by the band in 2011, but will have a new design printed on the tapes shells. Expect pro printed covers and the best available on shell print you can get in Europe!

Next tape in line will be the Ydintuho / Axebastard Split. Ydintuho are also about to make their debut on vinyl with no other then finnish cult act Kylmä Sota!!! This fine split 7" will be out on Psychedelica Records, also out of Finland. Go here to pre-order: or just wait till i have some copies in stock for the distro ;)

BT 017 Homo Homini Lupus / Aggrenation Split 12" has also been sent to press this week and will be out by the beginning of March! The pressing will be 400 copies on black vinyl and a special edition of 100 copies on black & red marmorized vinyl. The pressing is handled by Chris of Fucking Kill Records who put up a preview of the vinyl with youtube samples on his blogspot under:

BT 020 "No More Borders" 4 Way Split 7" between Raw Power / Naked Aggression / MDC / Söm-Hi-Nöise has been sent to press and is expected to be released soon! 500 7"es are being pressed as the EU verion, in a co-release between multiple DIY labels all over Europe.

Also some new projects i'll be playing a part in have to be announced:

* Jagernaut/Terlarang Split 7" is being sorted out right now and you can already listen to a track from the Terlarang side on their soundcloud page:

* Will do a second edition of the Brody's Militia compilation (as my stocks of the first edition are about to expired) AND a tape version of the Covered in Violence 12"/CD out on RSR this summer. Both will have pro covers and pro printed tapes. More news as they come!

* Teamed up with my UK Bro Stu of Tombs in the Valley and some other dudes to put out the Human Junk / God's America Split 7", which is also just in the stadium of having everything planned through! Another split 5" of HJ with Lich is also on the horizon, but more on that at a later point of time. Listen to the new HJ tracks here:

Speaking of the UK Bro'ster of Tombs in the Valley, received two full packed sendings with a lot of his excellent release in the mail today. So here you have your new distro additions sir's:

TITV:002 - Enth(Pl) 12"
TITV:013 - The Afternoon Gentlemen(UK)/Chiens(FRA) 7"
TITV:016 - The Afternoon Gentlemen(UK)/Suffering Mind(Pol) 7"

The Afternoon Gents / Chiens split probably has the best cover art since forever and you should even get it only for the mini poster of it coming along with the 7", let alone for the kick ass music of both bands on the wax!!

Go here for more info:

Freitag, 3. Februar 2012

Nice little Distro Update

Small, but super epic distro update with the newest edition of the definite bible for Noize punkers: More Noize, this time in colaboration with Tortura Y Mierda. Interviews with The Swindles, Deathcharge, Sun Children, Vaginors and much more goodness which i sadly can't read because the Tortura side is written in spanish. Anyways, top notch fanzine work!

And finally, a LP we've all been waiting for: Covered in Violence by the godfathers of Fastcore, the great Brody's Militia. The whole longplayer features a fine array of cover songs ranging from the inevitable essentials like Rupture and Antiseen, over the likes of Nunslaughter and Deathside, to the Blue Öyster Cult! Simply killer, head to toe, from artwork to the music. This excellenct vinyl was put out by the epicenter of fastcore, RSR!