Dienstag, 13. März 2012

BT 015 Total War - 8 Track Demo 2011 (European Version) OUT NOW

BT 015 Total War - 8 Track Demo 2011 (European Version) Tape lim. 300

Full coloured, 2 sided, pro printed covers. Clear, factory printed, pro Tapes. Yet another brilliant looking and very detailed on shell print from Brutallica (same as Lotus Fucker and Indoctrinate 2nd press tapes)!

Special Edition limited to 100 copies comes in candy bag (white with yellow, blue, red, pink or purple stripes) and with a A4 photocopied inlay (five different prints for each bag colour), held together by a b/w printed sticker with band+label logos and handnumbered limitation.

First 30 copies additionaly come spraypainted, with a pair of earplugs and candy. This Candy + Noise Edition holds a pair of E-A-R brand ear plugs, a pack of PEZ sweets (four different flavors) and has it's candy bag spraypainted (black spray) with crossed out notes!

This most ravishing D-Beat Raw Punk band, probably best band overall to root out of Canada in the last decade, delivers one hell of a debut in this 8 Track Demo, recorded in 2011. Simply a must have for any aficionado of raw, distorted, punk! Originally released by the band, the EU Edition features the same artwork & tracks as the initial press, but comes with new design on the on shell print and original collage artwork from Luke Trash for the Special Edition.

Picture of the original collage i did for the inlay of the Special Editions. Analog cut'n'paste in the style of old GISM artworks. There are five slightly different prints, each with different contrast and sharpness and varying marker drawings.

Montag, 12. März 2012

BTR 021 + 022 are OUT NOW & Distro Update

BT 021 Revengeance - John Q. Citizen Demo Tape lim. 100

Black/White, 1 sided, xerox printed covers. Blue pro tapes with print on shells and black cases in shrink wrap. Co-Release with Degradagem.

Debut Demo of Portugal's finest noisy Powerviolence/Hardcore act right now. Angry dual male/female vocals, backed up by a mindblowing wall of pushing riffs, rampant drumming and tons of feeback!

BT 022 Tinnitus / Revengeance - north/sout GO! Split Tape lim. 100

Four different coloured, 1 sided, xerox printed covers plus b/w xeroxed inlay. Green pro tapes with print on shells and black cases in shrink wrap. Co-Release with Degradagem.

The Portuguese north & south collide on this split tape with one side of harsh, sometimes doomy, sometimes groovy Grindcore VS. one side of angry, mindblowing, Powerviolence / Hardcore with dual male/female vocals.

Both tapes are courtesy of the Degradagem print service. Get in touch through Facebook or degradagemrecs@hotmail.com if you are interested in printed pro tapes, covers and inlays or tape duplication!

Also have a neat Distro update to put up on the site from the always fabulous Kink Records & Malaysian Bro's of Fastdie Records. You don't want to miss out the No More Art tape which, without the shadow of a doubt, is already one of the best tapes of this year! On the other hand, i shouldn't have to point out why you must have the Diavolo Rosso LP in your collection, it's simply essential in any possible way. The Agathohate Split Tape sails in far different waters than both other incomings. You will get what you expect from Agathocles, yet another live set, well at least one that's recorded okay. The Hatred Division side is also a live recording, pretty raw & fast Grind, the quality is a bit weaker than side a, but still enjoyable. If you are into wild, distorted and raw Grindcore - get it!